A Raising Godly Girls 
Guide to Peace in Times 
of Global Conflict

With war and global conflict in the news daily and online, how do you talk to your girl about discerning the information, working through her fears, and fielding her questions? It can be a tough topic for adults, much less children! Raising Godly Girls is here for you and your family with a new e-book, The Raising Godly Girls Guide to Peace in Times of Global Conflict. Inside this resource you'll find timeless Truth about God’s sovereignty, love, and mercy as well as applicable ways to build a culture of Biblical peace in your home, your community, and your girl’s heart. From valuable information to action steps you can implement today and even a playlist to cultivate peace wherever you go, share your information to download this vital family resource.

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What to Expect


Timely, Applicable Advice

Today's global culture is rife with violence, conflict, and war. This guide offers applicable advice on recognizing anxiety in your girl and solutions for cultivating peace.




Ready to talk about global conflict with the girl in your life but not sure where to begin? Utilize the list of questions to ask to get started.

Media Literacy 

One key skill for girls in the digital age to master is media literacy. Utilize this guide to learn the basics and train up your girl to consume content with discernment.

Biblical Assurance

Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are real results of living in a violent world. Rest in the peace of God's Word, offered throughout the guide.

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